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How to get started growing cannabis

What do you need to get started growing your own cannabis weed at home? We will discuss the minimum list of equipment needed to start growing cannabis at home. This guide is for beginner hobbyists with budget in mind so we will keep this list fairly lean-and-mean. Of course you could get started by throwing some bag seed and soil into a pot and put it in the sun, but the odds of success will be very much against you. Instead, we recommend growing hydroponically inside in a grow tent with seeds from a reputable breeder. If you follow our “1x2x2 Method“, we promise high-quality, high-yeild cannabis grown from your own home and a lot of enjoyment! So let’s get started.

1x2x2 Method

What is the “1x2x2 Method”? Quite simply, its a method of growing high-quality cannabis indoors without breaking the bank. “1x2x2” gets its name because we grow one cannabis plant in a two-foot by two-foot grow tent. This method is highly recommended for beginners because it keeps things simple. A single healthy plant can produce plenty. Using this method you can expect to grow 5oz of high-quality cannabis every 3 months. There is very little work required. Besides a daily watering routine, you will need to trim your plants once before beginning flower and of course monitor the grow environment’s temperature and humidity. The Sproutly LED smartphone app can help by monitoring your grow and sending environmental alerts if anything is out of wack. Also, the app has step-by-step guides on every step of the way from germinating to harvest.

Grow Area

The first thing you need is to identify a grow area. Your grow area should be inside somewhere the temperature is realitivly stable. A dry basement is ideal because the temperature does not change much throughout the day because it is underground. However, it is important that the basement is not damp or musty — this breeds mold which will infect your plants and become a disaster! If a dry basement is not available, then a corner in a room or a closet will work. Ideally, its someplace where you can control the temperature so things don’t get too hot or two cold. Cannabis’s ideal growing temperate is between between 68-77°F (20-25°C).

Grow Tent

The grow test should be about two feet wide, two feet long, and at least 5 feet high. We will be growing one large plant inside and anything less than 5 feet high will be a problem. A single cannabis plant can get really big and easily fill up an entire grow tent. Trying to grow more than one plant in a 2’x2′ tent is really asking for trouble because the plants will compete for room and one plant will eventually win and the others will loose. Believe us, we have tried growing multiple plants in a small area and we were always disappointed with the results.

Grow Light

Probably the most important (and expensive) part of any grow setup is the grow light. Grow light is important because it is the engine the powers plant growth. Without the right grow light, your plants will surly suffer. In general, there are three types of grow light technologies available; florescence, gas-discharge, and LED. We will save the detailed analysis of grow lights for another blog post, but in short, we recommend using LED grow light. Specifically, you should get yourself a Sproutly LED grow light because we think you will really enjoy the great light spectrum and smart features like automatic time-lapse videos, environment monitoring, and lighting control.


We recommend growing one cannabis plant from seed to harvest at a time. So to be successful, you need to start with a high-quality seed. First thing to keep in mind is that a cannabis plants grow up to be either male or female. Only female plants produce buds! We do not want male plants! Also, there is no way to determine the sex of the plant until months into the grow when the plant matures and begins developing its sex organs. So how to you ensure you grow a female cannabis plant? Start with the right seed. Cannabis breeders offer “feminized” seeds. These seeds are guaranteed to mature into female plants. How can they guarantee a female plant? Science! The process of producing feminized seeds is super interesting and we will get into how exactly it works in another blog. For now, buy your seeds from a reputable seed bank. There are several online and they will ship you seed thought the mail.

Grow Medium

We highly recommend growing your indoor cannabis hydroponically using Coconut Coir in a 5 gallon Smart Pot. What does all that mean? Its simple. Hydroponics is just a fancy term for growing plants without soil. This might sound counter-intuitive because you probably used to thinking that all plants and trees grow in dirt on the ground. Well plants don’t actually need dirt to grow. Plants only need access to water, nutrients, and some kind of physical structure to support its weight. Hydroponic techniques have been proven to actually outperform soil counterpart. There are several hydroponic techniques, we will save the details for another blog. We recommend Coconut Coir because it is simple and effective.


Plants need access to several different elements to grow. Macronutrients Carbon, Hydrogen, and Oxygen are freely available from the water and air. But others such as Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium, and Calcium are traditionally absorbed from soil. Because we are growing hydroponically, we need to add these nutrients to the water using dissolved salt nutrients. We recommend using the General Hydroponics Flora Grow, Bloom, Micro Combo. Just follow the instructions on the side of the bottle.


2’x2’x5′ Grow Tent$100
Sproutly LED Grow Light$500
Feminized seeds from seed bank$20
Coco + 5 gal. Smart Pot$30
General Hydroponic Trio Nutrients$35