Smart LED Grow Light.

Sproutly is designed for home grow hobbyists but packed with professional-level features.

WiFi & Bluetooth

Connect to your grow light with our Smartphone app.

On-board Camera

Create time-lapse videos of your grow. Check your plant's health from anywhere in the world.

Temp/Humidity Sensors

Monitor your grow. Set alerts when the environment get outta wack. Automatically calculates vapor-pressure deficit (VPD).

Light Control

100% Dimming control. Automatic light schedules. Flip to flower with a click of a button.

Know Your Grow

Take the guesswork out of growing. Temperature and humidity sensors continuously monitor your grow environment. Check in anytime with the live camera.

Create Time-Lapse Video

The on-board camera automatically takes multiple pictures every day and combines them into time-lapse videos. Easily shareable from your phone.

Machine-Learning Power

Computer vision algorithm trained to identify plant growth and size. Digitally measure and track growth over time. Identify unhealthy leaves.

Superior LED Light Spectrum

Sproutly uses the latest technology and research to bring you an energy-efficient LED designed for serious plant growth. We use Samsung LM301B 3500k horticultural-grade LEDs plus Epistar 660nm infrared (IR). Sproutly’s light spectrum has a proven record for plant growth and combined with Sproutly’s smart PWM light control, you can be sure that your plant will be extremely happy throughtout its lifecycle.

Light Timer Control

No more fiddling with external timer plugs or dimming knobs! Sproutly’s app makes it easy to set the photo-period with one-click of a button to flip to flower mode. Sproutly emulates dawn and dusk by gradually increasing/decreasing the light intensity. 

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